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The Problem With Men's Underwear

Watch any man for long enough, and you inevitably will see him make numerous "adjustments." While watching him, you probably had to make one yourself. This constant need to "adjust" is a result of low performing underwear. Traditional men's boxer briefs lack the support and function necessary to go through adjustment-free days.

When polling men, the two recurring themes for why they need to adjust is either pull the underwear legs down, or their manhood is not where they feel comfortable having it. There are a few ways to combat these issues; we'll start with your family jewels.

Interior Pouch

By now, I'm sure you may have heard about men's underwear that features a "pouch" or "ball hammock." While every company has its design and specific features, the basis is there is additional fabric integrated in the front of men's underwear to keep your most valuable parts secured and centered. Having your boys in a secure pouch and close to the body alleviates unwanted movement, bouncing, and skin contact.

No Slip Legs

Now the more challenging issue to solve, boxer legs that slide up. Historically the only real way to combat this issue was to eliminate the legs (think tighty whites) or extend the briefs' legs down to the knee. That was until we at VORA decided we didn't like either of these ideas and found another way. We used a different fabric for the bottom band, having increased elastic properties with additional holding power. This change does not create uncomfortable pressure on the wearer while still producing fantastic results. Even in the most active of settings, the legs remain in place and adjustment-free.

Better Tomorrow

Imagine a day of running your daily errands, running on the treadmill, or running your hands through that particular person's hair without stopping once for an adjustment. Since you read this far, we want to reward you for your efforts and give you a discount code when you decide you've had enough of your old underwear. Use the code below at checkout and save 10%

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Stop Adjusting

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