What Materials to Avoid in Underwear

Boxer Briefs are the most common of men's underwear in today's society, and it's not an accident. The style, fit, length, and performance are important reasons men choose the boxer briefs over any other type. One of the most significant differences between all briefs is the material they are made with. While some are amazing, including nylon and modal, others don't stack up to and should be avoided.  

1. Leather

This material should be reserved for motorcycle jackets, cowboy chaps, or a "special night" of fun. Spending an entire day in leather wrapped around your package could be a traumatic experience. Leather gets extremely hot and does not allow for any breathability. Wearing boxer briefs made of leather would likely cause chaffing, and in the best-case scenario, you'd be left with a sweaty situation.

2. Wool 

Wool can be problematic for people with sensitive skin when worn anywhere on the body, never mind when its placed around your most delicate area. If you were to wear underwear made with wool content, the itching might be your first sign without even looking at the label. The next sign might be the heat that is sure to follow. While it is true that wool can keep you cool and keep you warm, that is until water or sweat is present. Wool absorbs water creating a soggy feeling causing a cascading cycle of even more sweating. On top of the high price and lack of durability, all of these factors make wool a lousy underwear choice. 


While a stunning linen suit may be the perfect outfit when traveling the South of France. It may not be the best choice of material for your boxer briefs. Linen is a natural material made from flax and cellulose. These are stiffer fibers than found in other natural fibers such as cotton. Linen acts the same way as a highly starched dress shirt from the dry cleaner. Stiffer is not something you want to hear about your underwear; save that word for what is inside the underwear when inspiration strikes.  


While silk may be one of the world most luxurious materials, it doesn't work well as underwear. Silks soft nature is fantastic for sheets and a handkerchief, having that little friction can cause issues with boxer briefs. Silk will likely ride up during the smallest of movements, and depending on the pants you have over them, often get caught until you pull them back down. Silk swells with moisture, and when it does dry, it leaves behind a rough texture until washed. Simple things like a few wrong moves or a touch of sweat can leave you with underwear; you can't wait to take off. 


While the idea of edible underwear may be exciting in certain moments, it shouldn't become a staple of your underwear game. Just as leather has its moments in exotic evenings, food boxer briefs should be saved for special occasions.   


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