Todays Men's Underwear Scene

A house is only as strong as its foundation. A man's wardrobe foundation is their base layers: socks, shirt, and, most importantly, underwear. For some men, underwear is an afterthought, something they remember to get when passing by the end cap on their way to the register. Fortunately, the number of men who still grab bargain-basement underwear is decreasing. Men have had a renaissance in what they expect from essential clothes, driving the industry to respond. Underwear categories now stretch from the legacy brands of old to high fashion designer, athletic brands, and high-tech new upstart brands.  

Someone looking to impress a new nigh companion may reach for the designer pair. An early riser looking to get a workout in before the office would slip into an athletic underwear, and the business traveler may have a drawer full of breathable boxers-briefs. The vast choices can be overwhelming, especially for someone who likes to live a varied lifestyle. "What people have done is to take better-quality fabrics and engineer the garment," says Mark-Evan Blackman, assistant professor of menswear at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology.

More and more of our lives are in the public eye; even underwear doesn't escape the camera lens. It has become a common sight, on social media platforms, to see men openly posing in their briefs. The one common theme across all of them is they "want to look really good," says men's fashion reviewer Jon Shanahan, founder of The Kavalier YouTube channel and style blog. Looking good is only second to comfort. To increase comfort, brands have added no-roll waistband, pouches to support their most precious bits, and use cutting edge fabric and sewing techniques.  

Quality has increased, but with that, so has cost. Days of grabbing a value pack for $30 has been replaced with single units demanding that price, and they are worth every penny. Blackman believes that once you put on a well-made pair, it really becomes very difficult to go back."

One glaring hole has remained for all the enhancement made in the mens underwear game, A pair that meets the demands for all occasions. A breathable, comfortable, highly functioning, and stylish brief is noticeably absent. Or it was. That is until VORA fashion house designed their first product, the AKTIV line. Made with the highest quality technical fabric and a design that challenged what a boxer brief could be. 

The most striking feature of the underwear is the double hem on the bottom. This Double Hem is designed as a no-slip cuff, removing the need to adjust the legs throughout the day. The bottom 2" of fabric is different from the main body of the brief. This bottom fabric has been manufactured to have increased elastic properties holding the hem in place when worn.  

Inside and seldom seen, is an integrated jock support. The jock support keeps a man in place and secure. As described by one wearer Kyle T. "I'm wearing them while I'm working right now. Feels like my girl is just cradling my sack for me all day. Just fantastic!!" 

Function doesn't come at the cost of style. Great detail has been taken to ensure a unique, timeless style with elements such as the raised rubber front logo and the solid primary colors. Original adopter Dan M. says it best "I'm rockin these anytime I got a big night. The black on black is like Batman meets Armani meets Saxx."