The Sculpted Difference

Undoubtedly, “Fitted” shirts have become familiar by many of the well-established brands, but they leave much to be desired in the overall fit for most athletic built men. These products are nothing more than a poorly scaled version of the generic square-cut shirt sold to the masses and fitting only the most severe ectomorphic body types.   

VORA is built on the foundation of casual clothes Sculpted to follow the lines of an athletic built male. The primary characteristics that separate these men from the heard are broad shoulders, a well-developed chest, and a tailored waist. Classic fitted T-shirts lack sufficient room in the chest of the garments and often are unflatteringly loose around the midsection.  

Our Sculptors took a different perspective on how clothes should be made, which resulted in a truly unique and original design strategy. Seams should flow and follow the lines of an athletic built male generating peak performance in fit and function.  

Numerous characteristics of the classic men’s t-shirts have been significantly altered to produce our original Skulptur Line. The most striking difference is the removal of the underarm side seams. These seams inherently can only create boxy garments that do not mimic the form of the body. Inspired by nature and beautifully crafted fitness gear, the side seams now are replaced with the elegantly arching back panel. This unique panel design allows for ample room in the chest and minimizing the excess fabric at the midsection.  

The Sculpting Team also believed it was imperative to have a raglan shoulder construction. This style increases the proper fit zone of the product allowing it to fit a wide range of shoulder widths and sizes. A typical “Set-In” shoulder sleeve construction with the sleeve sewn on to the edge of the main body panels creates a defined width of the t-shirt. If the customer’s shoulder is slightly broader, typically found in athletic men, this form of construction will create the outside edge of the sleeves to ride up the arm and leave an unflattering “tenting”. A raglan sleeve construction will fall squarely on the shoulder with the added benefit of having a flattering chest seam enhancing the shape of the upper pectoral muscle.  

Many mesomorphic males, in addition to well-built chests, also have powerful arms that create their own needs. These needs were accounted for using a variety of techniques. Gusseted underarm panels allow for ample pectoral and bicep movement, sleeve lengths adjusted to ensure the hem falls correctly on the arm. The sleeve width was also carefully studied and built to fit. 

The bottom hems of the garment are scalloped asymmetrical to function correctly. The elegant curves in the bottom hems allow for ample coverage in areas desired most before rising at the sides, allowing for movement and easy access to pant pockets. The back hem is slightly longer than the front giving increased coverage over the glutes. Athletic built males having large legs has also been built into the design of the Skulptur Line. At the bottom of the arching back panel, a set of double vent has been incorporated, mirroring a high-end suit. These vents allow for the garment to have increase product flexibility from user to user ensuring it will not bunch and sit on top of the glues. 

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