The Problem with Traditional Men’s Underwear

The Problem with Traditional Men’s Underwear.

Watch any man for long enough, and you inevitably will see him make numerous “adjustments”. These are a result of poor performing underwear. Traditional men’s boxer briefs lack the support and function necessary to go through hassle-free days. 

VORA’s Sculptors took a different perspective on how clothes should be made, resulting in a truly unique original design strategy. Designs should flow, following the lines of athletically built men while providing support and performance. Imagine a day of running your daily errands, on the treadmill, and your hands through that special person’s hair without stopping once for an adjustment. 


The Aktiv Boxer Brief Line is one of our first original designs, combatting the inherent downfalls found in traditional men’s underwear. After years of self frustration, we began asking other men of their experiences with their current choice of underwear. We weren’t alone in our discomfort; men everywhere had the same complaints; the issues were apparent. Nothing made men “adjust” more than their manhood continually being out of place, stuck to their legs, or continuously pulling the legs down. A lack of design and poorly performing fabrics have no place in the modern man’s wardrobe. Alleviating these issues is what we set out to solve with the Aktiv Line. 

Inspiration to eliminate the rise of the legs came from cutting edge cycling gear. Today’s best cycling bibs have numerous technologies built-in offering superior function for the athlete. These characteristics offer amazing results but often come with a sacrifice for comfort. The sculpting process took many different approaches before finally settling of an Original True no-slip hem, seen by the bands around each leg bottom. Sculptors used a different fabric for this band designed with increased elastic properties, providing additional holding power. This change does not create uncomfortable pressure on the wearer while still producing fantastic results. Even in the most active of settings, the legs remain in place and adjustment-free.

Built right into the Aktiv Men’s Underwear Line is an Original Jock Support System, designed to keep everything in its place. Guiding side gussets inside the briefs effortlessly maneuver you into position when putting then on. With your manhood securely in place, the previous discomfort from unwanted movement and stickiness are eliminated. As are those unwanted looks from people who catch you in the act of adjusting. 

Featuring luxury fabric and seamless stitching, the Aktiv line has successfully tackled the problem with traditional men’s underwear. If you are interested in adjustment-free days, shop our collection here.