"The Last Dance" for the '90s Style

Watching “The Last Dance” the Chicago Bulls miniseries, every Sunday night with the rest of the planet, few things jump off the screen more than Michael Jordan’s desire to win and his security guard’s Mullet. One that did to us was the suits these players were wearing. They can be described as anything but timeless. 

As GQ once wrote describing the style of the ’90s “The most memorable thing about suits in the ’90s is that they lost the fight against business casual. With less men than ever suiting up for work, an entire generation forgot all the fundamentals. The oversized silhouette of the ’80s stuck around, but minus the Wall Street swagger and sense of purpose. Pants were wide… but they just pooled around square-toed shoes. Ties were wide... but they were attached to billowing dress shirts and often featured cartoon characters and sports logos. Pleats were more popular than ever, but mostly to accommodate the expanding hips of Generation McDonalds and a misguided obsession with comfort.”

These looks fail to stand up to time, especially when compared to the likes of James Dean. Even though it has been nearly 70 years, his iconic white shirt with blue jeans style still turns heads for all of the right reasons today. A man wearing clothes that fit correctly in primary colors does not go out of style. Our line of Skulpur men’s t-shirts is designed to continue this tradition of staple menswear. Featuring a modern shape, and luxury performance fabric creates a style to survive the next 70 years. Sculpt your wardrobe here and prevent it from being the topic of amusement in 20 years when your success story is told.