The Journey Part 1 - An Idea is Born

VORA is a technical fit fashion house inspired after years of frustration, trying to find casual clothing that met our desire for function, style, and, most importantly, fit.
Sitting at my sewing machine one day tailoring a pair of pants, as I do for all to account for my body athletic body shape, I began to wonder why is there nothing in the t-shirt industry that offers a body sculpting figure? Remarkable developments were being made in athletic fitting dress wear and gym gear, while the casual sector was stuck in the past. Why had none of the established brands made a product that flows with the body? Everything was loose and sloppy, or skin-tight leaving nothing to the imagination. Since retiring from professional sports, I lacked passion. Solving this question became my new obsession, and the journey of VORA was officially underway.
A month later, I was meeting with factories in Colombia, South America. Seeing Colombia, for the first time, was striking for many reasons. Its variety of landscapes is unrivaled on the planet, and some of its citizens may be. I can't thank the team and friends I made enough navigating this new world of fashion manufacturing (Miguel, Dan, Sandra, Clio, Lizeth, you're all incredible).
We left Colombia with a design and a path forward. That design was refined over the next year into the AKTIV line of men's underwear.
Thanks to a combination of incredible fabric and innovative seam structure, we created the highest quality, best fitting underwear taking you from day to night or any occasion.
You've worked hard in the gym. Now, it's time to let us work hard and provide you with the best clothes to display your time well spent.