The History of Men's Boxers

We often give little thought to how our clothing styles and names are originated. We hear the word boxer briefs, but don't associate them with the hand to hand combat sport, but the two are forever tied. 

Boxers in the early 1900s wore tights with a large leather belt holding them up. Fighters often complained that the straps were hot, cumbersome, and limited movement. In 1925, Jacob Golomb came up with the idea that would better assist the athletes. His idea was a pair of lightweight shorts featuring an elastic waistband. The shorts were adopted immediately, leading Jacob to form Everlast, a company that is still in business and recognizable today.

Fashion often follows sports and athletes, and underwear is no exception. Other companies saw the shorts' success in the ring and decided to market them as a new modern undergarment. Main Street public didn't adapt to the new underwear instantly. It was the first modification to undergarments in over a hundred years, and going from the tights to a loose-fitting short took some adjusting.  

Widespread adoption didn't take hold until World War II. The United States Military began issuing boxer shorts as part of the official uniform to soldiers fighting in the great war. Upon returning home, soldiers accustomed to the freedom and comfort boxers offered continued to wear them in their everyday life. Having a generation of men, optimizing masculinity and sex appeal, endorse the underwear, it was no time until the remainder of men across the country also converted. 

Boxers remained king until the 70s when fashion took a dramatic turn. The high waisted underwear of the 50s suddenly looked old-fashioned and were replaced with low rise briefs.  

In the later part of the century, designers started to see underwear as a new territory to conquer. Logos grew, color choices increased, and some even enlisted celebrities to market their products. Even with Mark Whalbergs extensive film body of work, one of his most iconic moments in the public eye is still the underwear spread he did.

Underwear has made considerable strides from the days of wearing a broad leather belt to hold up your tights. VORA has taken the next giant leap in boxer briefs design. VORA's underwear featuring an integrated jock support, no-slip hems, and performance fabric, the AKTIV line is designed for adjustment-free days.