Status Update

Here is the first glimpse of VORA's first video shoot.  Setting out, I had no intention of ever getting in front of the camera.  But, the amazing videographer, Brandon Poliszuk,  convinced me that I should be the lead male role in the video, and here we are.   VORA has been live now for about two months.  There's no more incredible feeling than hearing my phone ring with a new order, but I'm sure, like all new businesses, that sound doesn't come as often as anyone would like.  I still get nervous sending out each pair.  Nervous that I packed the right size, quantity and most of all if the final customer will like the product.  I thought I would start to get more comfortable as the journey continued, but the more I learn, the more I realize I have sooo much more to learn.  The unknown is one of the most exciting things moving forward.  Routine and easy makes for a boring life.   I can't wait to continue to ride this rollercoaster and see where it goes.