Should You Try Pouch Underwear? Pros & Cons

By now, I'm sure you may have heard about men's underwear that features a "pouch" or "ball hammock." What that means, how does it feel, and if it is right for you, we will answer below?   

What is an integrated jock support, a "pouch" or a "ball hammock"?

While every company has its design and specific features, the basis is there is additional fabric integrated in the front of men's underwear to keep your most valuable parts secured and centered. Here at VORA, we have two side gussets that slide in between your legs and your family jewels. 

Advantages of the Integrated Jock Support.

Having an integrated jock support has many advantages, especially for active men. During warm months the results may be surprising.  


There is a reason the traditional jockstrap was a staple in men's athletic for the better part of the last century. Having your boys in a secure pouch and close to the body alleviates unwanted movement, bouncing, and skin contact when the game starts to ramp up. Chaffing, bouncing, and the icing down your groin after a tough competition will be a thing of the past.


One reason to wear luxury underwear is to show someone else when its time to take them off. It never hurt, giving the other person a "bigger" reason to see what else you have to show them. With the integrated jock support, your manhood is all together and proudly upfront for all to see, if they are lucky enough to get that far.   

Cooler Days, 

A warm day or intense workout can be a mans junk worst enemy. The heat causes everything to start sweating, and sweating brings uncomfortable friction leading to chaffing. The integrated jock support, or pouch, eliminates unwanted skin to skin contact and provides an area for sweat to dissipate from the body.

No More Fall Outs

Sadly, we have all most likely fallen victim to seeing more than we would have like to in the past with someone falling out the inseam of their short. Seeing it may be traumatic, but being the one guilty of this may be worse. An integrated jock support keeps things safely out of sight until you are ready to display them to that special someone.    

Disadvantages to an Integrated Jock Support

Learning Curve

With anything new, it takes a bit of time to get used to the new normal. Going from complete package freedom to one that is contained can be a mental barrier. It can take a bit of time to reset your mind to see a pouch's added benefits. 


Not everyone is keen on showing the world what they have to offer. The added buldge an integrated jock support may provide may not be ideal for a more modest individual. If this is the case an underwear with this feature may be better reserved for special occasions or looser pants.  

Pouch Size

While, according to some, size doesn't matter, in this case, it might. Most pouches are designed to be one size fits most, but there are always those that stray from the median. Some may find that their manhood is too snug inside the pouch, not enough support, or the pocket positioning doesn't align with their package. We are all different, and with that, integrated jock supports may not be for everyone.