Not Just A Logo

When I started VORA, I didn't want to be a logo slapped on an old out of date design. I wanted to bring actual change to the products and innovate a better future. The first product I have been able to get to market is called AKTIV and is a line of men's boxer briefs. I went through all of my biggest complaints with underwear that were currently on the market. And it kept coming back to the same two significant issues. The first issue I dealt with was that legs would always slide up. I was constantly pulling down my brief boxer legs throughout the day. After putting on pants, walking around, and god forbid working out, I would need to have an awkward moment and adjust myself to prevent wedgies. My other biggest complaint was unwanted skin on skin contact with my most private parts. The only thing more embarrassing than pulling your underwear hems down is pulling your balls off your legs. With classic the brands that I've worn in the past, support and function was an afterthought in the design process. It seemed as if companies were more focused on making the waistband logo more prominent than treating their customers the most important body parts with the care they deserved.

With the AKTIV line, I spent a year and countless prototypes to solve these problems. Solving the slipping leg hem was a challenge, but the design team in Colombia and I conquered the task. The final design of a double hem with alternating fabric gives just enough holding power without being too constrictive to be comfortable. Keeping everything in its place and comfortable was solved with a few strategically placed gussets on the inside. Think of them as a guide for your jewels putting them on, and a safety net while wearing them. Innovation is never finished. Future lines will evolve, and changes are scheduled to come, but at the moment, I am comfortable saying, "I love these Briefs."