Masterplan Part One

As you know, the first product ready for launch is Men's underwear, called AKTIV by VORA. However, most customers are unaware of the long term plan for VORA. The goal is to make a complete timeless classic male wardrobe. A picture of James Dean in his famous white shirt and blue jeans stands the test of time, and we want to shape your closet to do the same. Simply rebranding classics is not good enough for today's man; we plan to reimagine the classics by adding subtle enhancements. Were reinventing the mousetrap with the anticipation, the world will beat a path to our store.

Phase one of the Masterplan - The Essentials
Underwear, t-shirts, jeans, and socks, AKA the essentials. The first product we will launch will be our original AKTIV Men's briefs line. They will be the first and only men's underwear to have an actual no-slip hem, whose design was inspired by professional cyclist shorts. They also feature new takes on more standard features, such as an integrated jock support, no roll waistbands, seamless stitching, and stay cool fabric. Our devotion to timeless styles dictates timeless colors and patterns. For this reason, we have decided to only craft pieces in primary colors. We will only be creating items in simple solid colors such as black, white, grey, navy, and maroon. The combination of hem design, jock support, and fabric selection creates an adjustment-free lifestyle. No longer will you be a victim of an awkward look from unsuspecting bystanders.

T-Shirts will follow with what we are calling the Skulptur Line. These shirts will have numerous design edits to the classic Tee while still providing a timeless style. Removed excess fabric in the midsection, underarm gussets for added mobility, scalloped hems for coverage while still allowing pocket access. A great deal of time and effort has been taken in the design and fabric selection; every stitch has been questioned if there was a better method to achieve the desired look. The fabric chosen is luxurious and incredible to feel. Crew necks will be for sale first before we launch collections of V necks, henleys, and long sleeves. Just as the AKTIV line, shirts will only be made in primary classic male colors.

Socks are where we will shift our attention to next. Today's market is flooded with poor style and performing socks. We have a few creative, original ideas in place that we can't disclose yet. These socks are sure not to spend much time in your top drawer because as soon as they are washed, you'll want to wear them.

The final piece to Masterplan Part One is to conquer the perfect athletic jean. No one has wholly designed jean that checks every box on our wishlist, which admittedly is quite long. With these four pieces in your wardrobe, envious looks will follow you around. Masterplan Part One is ambitious, but Part Two will be even more significant.