How Often Should You Replace Your Underwear?

How often should you replace your underwear is a question? Unfortunately, most men don't ask themselves this question until there are holes, and you literally wear them out. According to some new research, the classic "lucky pair" stays in the wardrobe rotation for far longer than they probably should.  

They Might Not Be As Clean As You Think.

Let's talk about the elephant in the room. Your underwear gets up close and personal with your most intimate parts, and with that comes a wide range of bacteria. Even with standard washing cycles, your briefs can continue to be a host for this bacteria. Some new research states that up to 10,000 living bacteria, including E.coli, can linger after the wash cycle. While most of these bacteria pose no harm to you, over time, the build-up of bacteria living on your underwear does increase your chances of catching a UTI, rashes, or allergic reactions.   

When Should You Replace Your Underwear?

Outside of the obvious, having holes or other significant damage that has occurred to your boxer-briefs, most experts agree there is a definitive timeline when you should replace your underwear. Experts agree that men who cycle through their rotation weekly can expect a lifespan of six months out of their undergarments. For others who have a large drawer full of boxers, you can probably get a year out of a pair before replacing pairs. If you wear the same briefs to the gym or other, more demanding environments, this will limit each pair's lifespan. The physical wear and tear, combined with increased bacteria, means you should replace them sooner than others.     

How Often Should You Wash Your Underwear?

Under normal circumstances, you should wash your underwear after each use; this isn't breaking news. Can you stretch them out for an extra day in a pinch, yes. It might get a little itch and smelly, but you will survive. Longer than that and those around you may start a petition to force you to do your laundry.  

When you do wash your underwear, make sure to follow the care instructions from the brand. If possible, hang dry the briefs outside under the sun. UV light will help kill any lingering bacteria, while also saving energy from not using the dryer.  

How to Know When It Is Time To Replace?

The easy answer is every six to twelve months. Most men don't remember when they purchase their briefs, making this a bit of a chore to stick with. To help keep your underwear drawer in top shape, you may rely on a few physical clues when its time to start the refreshing cycle. If holes begin to appear, the waistband starts to ripple or sag, or the color is fading its time to replace.  

How Many pairs Of Underwear Should A Man Have?

While every man has different needs, the consensus is that the average man should have at least 20 pairs of briefs in their rotation. Men who are more active and wear multiple pairs throughout the day, the number needed will be more.  

Make It Easy

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