Bosse Vogue Becomes VORA

A Thursday night was winding down; we received an exciting email our Bosse Vogue shipping boxes were coming off the production line. After a long wait, due to the current health regulations, things were finally starting to move until everything came to a screeching halt hours later.
A letter from One World Trade Center, New York, NY, was waiting for me when I woke, addressed to Defendant: Bosse Vogue. Before even reading it, I knew that whatever I was to defend would be a lost cause. A firm that can afford office space in the World Trade Center is by default a power attorney. The trademark of Bosse Vogue, approved by the US Trademark office in early 2020, had set off red flags within the iconic fashion magazine "Vogue." Vogue Magazine was contesting the use of the word "Vogue." They felt we were using it to create a false association with the magazine's brand. Bosse Vogue was instantly gone, and the process of rebranding needed to start immediately. If anyone needs a few thousand shipping boxes that say Bosse Vogue, do we have a deal for you.

Finding a new brand is a complicated process, especially when being pushed by production factories. We had 48hrs to rebrand to keep our position in the production line or risk months of delays. Creating something unique, relatable, aesthetically appealing, easily recognizable, and, as we learned the hard way, not conflicting with any other existing trademarked companies stressed the team.

Thousands of names, some real words, some made up, ones from different languages, and even mythical beings were tried. The amount we tested against the USTPO database probably set off a red flag at the US Trademark database.

It came down to two that couldn't be more different. One was Loogaroo, which we believed was rememberable purely off its unique and strange spelling. Also in the competition was Vora. Vora is the spelling of "hem" in the Cataloanina community located in the northeastern corner of Spain.
VORA was chosen for several reasons; Its symmetry made it visually appealing, easy to pronounce and spell, unlike Bosse. The "V" letter plays on the shape of a well-built man, and it is translated into a word that is integral to the brand. Now being able to step back from the chaos, Vogues injunction may have been the best thing to happen to the brand. With a new name and an even deeper commitment to creating game-changing products, our future is bright. The first products are coming off the assembly line, and we can't wait to share them and start this journey.