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Adjustment Free Men's

Masterfully designed for the modern high performer. Welcome to the future of men's underwear. 

Highlight Features of Men's Aktiv By VORA boxer briefs.   No-slip Legs, Integrated support, and Luxury Fabric
View of integrated jock support from behind on the Aktiv by VORA men's boxer brief underwear
Integrated Jock

Sculpted to keep you cool, dry and irritation free. Less distractions mean more focus. Our 3D, integrated jock support provides comfort by removing unwanted skin contact and movement. 

Man squatting showing off no slip leg seams of Aktiv by VORA boxer brief underwear

You can run, squat, or slide into a pair of skinny jeans without having to pull down the bottom of your boxers. A specialized fabric on the lower leg alleviates all unwanted movement.


I was a little concerned about how my balls would feel in a pouch but it's not really a pouch it's more of like a barrier, when you put them on everything just slides right in and it's comfy as hell

Customer - Tory A.

I'm rockin' these anytime I got a big night. The black on black is like Batman meets Armani

Customer - Dan M.

Easily slide into your skinny jeans, tailored trousers and gym gear. Say goodbye to bunching, sliding and awkward moments forever. 

Because confidence is the base of any great outfit

We help men eliminate unwanted underwear adjustments through design and technology.  Dress with confidence